Zune Home makes Android look like Zune UI [Video App Reviews]

September 10, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Normally, I don’t “get” why people want to make their phone look like something else. If you spend hundreds of dollars on a phone and then spend hours trying to make it look like an iPhone or Windows Mobile device, wouldn’t it be easier to just buy an iPhone or Windows Mobile device and save yourself the trouble? Then again, beauty’s only skin deep, so maybe you just want the beauty without the headaches.

Zune Home is one way to make your home screen look decidedly un-Android. The $0.99 home screen replacement app mimics the Microsoft Zune interface. The widgets and icon-centered UI that you’ve known in Android are gone; in their place is a stripped-down homescreen with text-based links and a small list of app icons that you can embrace.

Zune Home is for people who just want a plain-Jane interface. There is a pre-determined list of 11 commands to which a user can assign a specific app. For instance, clicking “Phone” can bring up the Dialer or Contacts icon, or clicking “Twitter” can launch your Twitter app of choice. Users can also add to a customized launcher on the left side that pins items to a “Quick List.”

So if you’re in the mood to make your Droid look like it came out of Redmond rather than Mountain View, use Zune Home.

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