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XPERIA X10: so easy toddlers, grandpas, and stoners can use it

September 21, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Sony Mobile


The Product Testing Institute is doing a great deal of good for smartphone users. While undertaking the testing of products, this fictional organization run by Sony Ericsson is proving that the XPERIA X10 makes Android and smartphones simple enough for cavemen; or toddlers, models, grandpas, glam rockers, stoned surfers, and “guidos” more specifically.

In a series of focus groups that pit the XPERIA X10 against other smartphones that are arguably more capable, the X10 comes out on top as the phone easiest to use for the non “technakillogically” people of the world. A stereotypical ladykiller finds communication history with the press of a button, a  toddler is able to record video and zoom without any instructions, and an elderly gentleman is snapping photos while his peers are struggling to locate the weather.

Even though I’m sure most will disagree with the premise that the X10 makes you smarter more so than other phones, please watch these videos. They are all priceless!

[Thanks, Louis. You are a Hero Among Men]




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