Voice Plus uses Google Voice based on area code or contact group

September 28, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Android Tricks, Commmunication


Google Voice recently provided a useful widget that makes it easy to toggle between call modes. A new app eliminates the need to toggle at all; instead it automatically decides whether to use Google Voice based on area code dialed or the contacts group to which the person belongs.

Voice Plus automates Google Voice calling modes. If you call Canada or England often and use Voice for international calls, Voice Plus will recognize the 905 or 44 being dialed and immediately switch to Google Voice calling. Meanwhile, dialing a New York 212 number will use your regular phone number.

Users can also choose to set certain contacts to use Google Voice. The set-up is a little wonky but works. If you have a group of people who only have your GV number, go into the Contacts section of Gmail (on your desktop becaue it’s much faster) and add those people to a new group called “UseGoogleVoice” (or any name as long as it matches the “GV Group Name” setting in Voice Plus).

From now on, dialing those people should identify you through Google Voice rather than your native phone number. Happy calling!

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