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Verizon prepping for the DROID 2 R2-D2 release

September 21, 2010 | by Chris Smith

Motorola, Verizon


I will try very hard to spare you of the fact that this is in fact, “the Droid you are looking for”. Oh, well. Anywho, the special edition of the DROID 2, the R2-D2 Edition, is fast approaching and Verizon is getting ready to celebrate the little guy’s arrival.

The R2-D2 edition launches on September, 30th at midnight and you better believe that any good Android lover who in fact loves Star Wars will be waiting at their local Verizon Wireless for this one. The supply will be limited to 50,000 devices so, this may be one hot eBay commodity in the coming months, especially around the holidays. I mean really, what geek wouldn’t want a R2-D2 phone?

Also, not only does the phone resemble R2-D2 but we have seen some of the nice software add-ons like the custom boot animation and some of the backgrounds and artwork. This is by far a collectors thing, it’s not like you are getting a better device than the Droid 2; trust me, it will not boost you to lightspeed. But, this is definitely the phone for Star Wars nuts.

Am I crazy or would a whole line of Star Wars DROID 2s done really well? Darth Vader, C3Po… Boba Fett?!

Via [DroidLife]