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Toshiba announces their Android tablet for Q4, the Folio 100

September 2, 2010 | by Chris Smith



Well, with a ton of Android tablets being announced this week at IFA you didn’t think that Toshiba would let Samsung steal all of the Android tablet limelight, did you? It appears that the electronics manufacturer is going in head-first with Android as well with the new Toshiba Folio 100 that should be making it to the European market in Q4.

The tablet has all of the specs that you would expect in a "high performance" Android tablet. It boasts a 1024×600 10.1-inch capacitive touchscreen, 16GB of internal storage, Tegra 2 architecture, WiFi, HDMI-out, a 1.3MP webcam for video calls, an SD expansion slot, and Android 2.2 at a price of €399. Toshiba also has included some apps like Documents To Go, Evernote, Opera, and a Toshiba Media Player for some extra customization which, depending on your opinion, may or may not be needed. It all sounds great but according to Engadget the build quality and performance of the device is somewhat lacking. Also, something different from the Samsung Galaxy Tab is that there is no 3G access for voice calls or data.

So, it appears that we are finally going  to see some of these Android tablets that we have heard so much about in the past few months/years.  I highly doubt that this tablet or the Samsung Galaxy Tab will impact the sales of the iPad as there is way more marketing behind that device. But, at the very least we geeks get to have a choice of some compelling slate devices near the end 2010.

Via [Engadget]