Tips: Long-press address bar to share URL

September 17, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Android Tricks


So I’m minding my business watching the pre-show of This Week in Google and Leo Laporte showed a great tip that I don’t remember using before. Maybe you’ve stumbled across it, but on the off chance that you haven’t, here goes.

Whenever you get the urge to share a webpage that you come across when browsing, users typically press Menu > More > Share in their browser. However, there’s an easier method that requires only-long pressing on the address bar. Tap and hold the address bar and the “Share page URL” dialog will appear. This trick works in the default Android browser and Xscope, but not Dolphin, Opera, or Skyfire.

We’ve long stressed the importance of using the long-press function to discover features that you often don’t consider. However, that was mainly for the homescreen. It’s good to know that you may find similar value within certain apps.

Have you noticed long-press shortcuts in any other apps?

Via [Leo Laporte, TWIG]