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T-Mobile says don’t install Kies update for Samsung Vibrant

September 30, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Samsung, T-Mobile


People who own the T-Mobile Vibrant have grown impatient for Samsung and T-Mobile to distribute a fix for the device’s poor GPS capabilities. Yesterday, many took matters into their own hands and installed a new update through Samsung’s Kies syncing app that reportedly fixed the problem.

Samsung must have jumped the gun because T-Mobile is telling people not to install that update through Kies. Why? Nobody knows, because the only reason cited was “some known issues” with the update that were not explained.

T-Mobile keeps promising that an update is coming soon for the Vibrant that will adjust the poor GPS reporting that has plagued the phone since launched. Last week AT&T released a fix for the Captivate to address the same problem, but the Vibrant user base hasn’t been so lucky. Looks like the waiting game continues.

via [DroidDog]