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T-Mobile G2 available for pre-order right now. Will G1 owners finally upgrade? [POLL]

September 24, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

HTC, T-Mobile

T-Mobile HTC G2

The T-Mobile G2 is available for pre-order. Anyone willing to sign over their mobile life to T-Mobile USA for the next two years can get the successor to the G1 for $199 and ensure that they receive the phone by October 6th.

With tens of thousands of contracts set to expire in October, the time has come for G1 owners to declare their loyalties. Early adopters of the original Android phone have refused to upgrade for a myriad of reasons: they need their physical keyboard, so the myTouch was never an option; they want a stock Android experience, so the Sense and MOTOBLUR phones that T-Mobile has been peddling were swiftly ignored; and they love T-Mobile, or hate its rivals, too much to consider switching carriers, so the Droid and EVO aren’t contenders.

So what will it be G1 hold-outs? Will you finally upgrade to get a physical keyboard, stock Android 2.2, 3.7-inch screen, and an 800 MHz Scorpion processor that – though light on numbers – should still be able to keep pace with its Snapdragon friends?

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