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Sprint promises to get 4G to big cities soon, releases video showing it off

September 28, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Sprint has been promising its 4G WiMax network would be coming soon, but it forgot to mention that the biggest and most influential cities in the U.S. – Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco – would be among the last to shed that “Coming soon” tag. Sprint is still promising to deliver 4G to those major markets shortly, and the carrier is showing how it’s getting 4G ready.

Below is a video showing off the cell sites that Sprint is building across the Big Apple, which explains the set-up process for 4G. As shown in the video, Sprint is already testing 4G in certain areas on New York. I’ve managed to latch onto 1Mbps speeds in the Time Warner Center and about 3 Mbps further downtown. Speeds will vary when Sprint follows Clearwire and makes 4G in New York official.

Below is a video showing how Sprint is building its network in “crowded and complex areas” like NYC, LA, and San Fran. Good job, Sprint; but we want more markets and less viral videos, please.

via IntoMobile