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Skyfire reaches 1 million downloads, now supports more handsets

September 14, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Skyfire Android plays flash

Android browser app Skyfire has done very well since it was first released a few months ago. Skyfire has become so popular that the app has crossed the one million downloads threshold, putting in the top .02 percent of apps available in the Market. That puts the browser in elite company of being among the top 20 of the Market’s estimated 80,000-plus applications.

Skyfire has also announced that it is now compatible with most of the top Android phones, including the Galaxy S line, Droid 2 and Droid X, and the EVO 4G. Users of these phones can take advantage of Skyfire’s cloud-based streaming solution that converts Flash-based video into a feature compatible with devices. So even though the Epic 4G can’t get Adobe Flash because it lacks the required Android 2.2, users can still access most Flash video content thanks to Skyfire’s conversion methods.

This is big news for Skyfire. Other popular browser alternatives like Dolphin and Opera Mini have proven popular among Android fans but this is a very competitive field. It will be interesting to see if Skyfire remains a popular choice as more phones are able to access Flash directly provided they have Froyo and a processor strong enough to be granted official support.