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Samsung Mobilers dream up apps for Android

September 21, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Last month, Samsung UK announced that it was seeking young people to serve as brand ambassadors for its products. The “Mobilers” would receive free Galaxy S phones and act as evangelists for the device. The Canadian division of Samsung put out a similar call for smartphone users in the north, and those Mobilers have already hit the ground running.

Mobilers are tasked with missions designed to promote the Galaxy S/Android. We just received word from a member of the Montreal Noise Mobilers team that the missions are already underway. The first mission required that members create videos that illustrate dream apps that don’t yet exist.

One team suggested an application that would crowd-source clothing decisions, so friends could vote up or down a photo before someone purchases an ugly blouse. Another team conceptualized an app that would back-up media content and use GPS and social networks to discover music based on location and social media channels.

There are several ideas thrown out by the Mobilers, so check out some of the submissions below. Meet the full teams and track their movements at the Mobilers Facebook page.

[Thanks, Richard!]

P.S. a couple of these apps are actually closer to real life than you may think. :)