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Samsung Fascinate buy-one, get-one on Verizon with new contract

September 8, 2010 | by Chris Smith

Samsung, Verizon


Today is day one of sales for the Samsung Galaxy S phone for Verizon, the Fascinate, and Verizon and Samsung are playing for keeps. If you jump over to Verizon’s sight you can get a sweet buy-one, get-one free deal for the new superphone.

It is kind of crazy that on the release day of such a premium and somewhat anticipated device that Verizon and Samsung would price it so aggressively. This move is an obvious play by Samsung to ever inflate their sales numbers of the Galaxy S line as they have already shipped well over 1 million devices. These new numbers may be used in an “Apple-esque” way in the upcoming announcement of the Galaxy Tab for the US. Offering a BOGO deal on the nation’s largest carrier is a strategic move by Samsung and they will probably win big doing it.

The Fascinate and Galaxy S line has had mixed reviews but all-in-all these devices are high-quality and aren’t at all a bad option. So, if you are looking to extend your 2-line contract for another two years and want to pay the minimum $29.99 a month in data per line on Verizon, then the Fascinate will be the best way to get the most bang for your buck.

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