Samsung Captivate gets GPS fix, Vibrant patch still in the works

September 22, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

AT&T, Samsung


The Samsung Captivate for AT&T and the Vibrant for T-Mobile are both great Android phones. However, they shipped with a nasty bug that prevented the phone from maintaining accurate GPS reports, a very undesirable flaw considering the amount of apps that depend on location.

The official Samsung USA account just announced a short while ago that an update is coming to the AT&T Captivate over the next few weeks (update notifications will appear in roll-out stages). In the update is a fix for the troubled GPS, as well as some other minor improvements and fixes.

That’s great news for AT&T customers, but people who own the T-Mobile version of the Samsung Galaxy S will have to wait a tad longer. Samsung hasn’t announced a timetable for that device to be fixed; offering only the following tweet after what I’m sure was a torrent of “What about me?” replies:

In regards to updates from our other Carrier partners, we are working diligently to release these improvements as well! #GalaxyS