PhotoWonder dresses up your photos with effects and props. [App Reviews]

September 7, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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The images captured on your mobile phone are fine, but wouldn’t it be nice to spruce them up just a little bit? Perhaps you could use the old-style LOMO effect, colorize the image so it’s predominantly red, or throw on some funny glasses onto your face?

Android users can do that and more with the photo app PhotoWonder. Images taken with the camera – or stored on the SD card – can be opened and edited with a variety of effects. Images can be cropped and rotated, adjusted for brightness or contrast, colorized, or enhanced with decorations and text. It’s also very customizable thanks to the option to undo or redo effects.

PhotoWonder doesn’t have as many artistic features as apps like Vignette or cool and funny alterations like PicSay Pro; however, it’s a free app that has the ability to apply some entertaining (if a bit teeny-boppy, girlie) effects. Download the app from the Android Market and you can’t toy around with your images.

Note: PhotoWonder doesn’t warn when overwriting a file, so be sure to enter a different name when trying to save multiple versions of an image.

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