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On my Android wish list: the Google Calendar fridge tablet

September 9, 2010 | by Ed Clark

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As one of the parents in a tween/teen 4-kid family, my family calendar is very complicated. Music lessons, soccer, karate, and parent teacher conferences (not to mention homework and special projects) all conspire to make my daily life a crazy affair. Google calendar is a perfect solution: I can input everyone’s schedule on one family calendar (making each person a separate color-coded calendar entry) and see the whole week’s wackiness in one view. This is great except for one problem: no one else knows what is going on besides me.

All I want is something that sticks on the side of my fridge like a magnet and displays the daily calendar for everyone to see. No more “I didn’t know that I was supposed to do that!” or last-minute Need For Speed-style dashes to the game/lesson/tournament. As it turns out, I am not the only one that wants something like this. The T-Mobile Vega, an Android-powered device, was unveiled at CES this year and promised to do everything that I wanted and more. Sadly, like 50% of announced Android tablets, nothing has materialized so far.

Yes, I could run a PC of some kind, buy an LCD screen, and mount the thing somewhere in my house, but this would be clunky, power-hungry, and expensive in comparison. I don’t want another machine, I just want a cheap WiFi-capable appliance with a power cord. Interaction, although desirable, is not really necessary because I can get to the calendar from every other device I own.

Although my needs are mainly focused on the family, the same solution would work very well in the workplace too. Conference rooms, small offices, and similar places could all benefit from seeing everyone’s schedule on the same screen. What do you think, Android fans? Would this be helpful for you as well? Have you figured out your own workaround? What is on your Android wish list?