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Nationite introduces 7” entry-level Rocktab Android tablet for $129.50

September 29, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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Nationite Rocktab

For those who think most high-end Android tablets seem way too pricey, but still like the idea of having a tab around, the entry-level Nationite Rocktab may prove to be an acceptable alternative with its modest $129.50 price tag (2GB model).

Alas, the specs are quite modest as well: the device features a Rockchip RK2808 600MHz processor, 128MB of RAM, a trackball, Wi-Fi, accelerometer, SD card slot, USB host and 2, 8 or 16GB of internal storage. The touchscreen is 7-inch, resistive and has a WVGA resolution. Nationite’s Rocktab will have a fully working Market, but it will run Android 1.5 which is unfortunate.

According to Nationite, the build quality is solid and Android has been customized and optimized for the device. The company is refreshingly honest in its Rocktab press release, saying it’s “probably not going to blow you away, far from it.” Still, with such a low price, the Rocktab – hitting the market in mid October – might be a good deal for those looking for a decent and affordable Android tablet.

Via [AndroidGuys]