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Motorola Begonia is rumored Cliq 2 [Rumors]

September 30, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Motorola CLIQ

Anyone up for a Motorola Cliq 2? That’s what you may get according to the latest rumor of T-Mobile’s upcoming lineup of phones.  An Engadget tipster reports that the Motorola Begonia, previously spotted in a T-Mobile round-up, is actually the successor to the original MOTOBLUR device, the Cliq.

The Begonia would also be the Motorola Blur device running Froyo on T-Mobile. The tipster reports that the phone would feature an “interesting” design that has one continuous piece that doesn’t have any gaps between keys. Yeah, I’m scratching my head at that one too, but we all know that Motorola’s not afraid to take chances lately when it comes to phone design.

Other rumored features include the ability to act as a 3G hotspot and places WiFi calls, two virtues that I’m sure you T-Mobile loyalists have been waiting on. Sound interesting? I know that quite a few of our readers have made negative remarks about the Cliq, but it has enjoyed some decent amount of success.