MiniSquadron: the addictive airplane shooting game [Video App Reviews]

September 29, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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For all the boys and girls whoever had a dream of being an airplane pilot, Mini Squadron has arrived to help act-out your fantasies in a video game. It’s definitely not the same, but you’ll be too wrapped-up in this shooting game to care.

Mini Squadron is a game in which players fly through the air and shoot down incoming planes. The dog fights take place in tight spaces, requiring players to dodge, duck, dip, and dive like a bunch of airbone Patches O’Houlihan’s. Whether in the journey-based Classic mode, shoot ‘til the death Survival, or Multiplayer, players will have to shoot down other planes before succumbing to attacks.

The controls in Mini Squadron are simple, as is the premise, so it’s easy to have plenty of fun playing the game. There are 56 planes that can be unlocked with certain achievements, each with its own strengths in speed, power, and artillery. They can also be enhanced through in-game bonuses that increase power and extend game life.

Mini Squadron initially feels like a hectic war zone with planes and bullets flying in every direction. However, it quickly becomes an addictive fight between players. The game also supports OpenFeint, which adds leaderboards and tracking of friends. At the moment, the game costs $1.99 and will soon increase to $2.99. View a short demo of the video below. Test the Lite version and purchase the full app if you’re impressed.

App: Mini Squadron

Price: $1.99

Website: Grayfin Studios

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