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LG Optimus Home Launcher Ported to Other Android Devices

September 1, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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LG Optimus Home Launcher Port

Back in July, a tweaker at the xda-developers ported Samsung’s TouchWiz UI onto other Android phones, such as the Nexus One, and this time around it’s the Home Launcher from the LG Optimus that has been made available via the xda.

Virtually all manufacturers of Android phones try to differentiate its products and make them stand out among the competition by customizing the vanilla Android interface to varying degrees. Samsung got TouchWiz, HTC uses Sense and Motorola was into MotoBlur for awhile. Most app drawers have however looked more or less the same so far, even though the TouchWiz UI uses horizontal instead of vertical scrolling and lets you rearrange the icons.

Conversely, LG has taken a different and more organized approach on the Optimus since apps in the drawer are divided into four categories: Communication, Multimedia, Applications and Downloads. New categories can be added, existing ones can be renamed and the icons may be rearranged. Other than that, the Optimus Home Launcher is reminiscent of the HTC Sense counterpart, though it lets you put shortcuts in the dock. The port still has some stability issues, but is currently reported to work on the HTC Incredible, Samsung Galaxy S and HTC Desire. Those who are interested in the UI can check out the project at the xda-developers

LG Optimus Home Launcher Dock


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