Android Apps Android app now broadcasting

September 1, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



It seems has taken a break from defending itself from legal issues with the NFL and UFC. The folks behind the popular Internet video streaming site just released the official Android application, which is available now in the Android Market. is currently a broadcast-only application, so don’t count on watching those streams that have gotten the site in trouble. However, members of the site can turn on the Android 1.6+ app and begin sending out live video over 3G or Wi-Fi. Justin TV also includes two-way chat for reading or sending messages between viewers and broadcasters, and the ability to announce to Facebook or Twitter whenever a broadcast starts.

Only broadcasting is supported but we could eventually see the inclusion of viewing. The application for the Phone is currently viewing only, but developers seemed optimistic about including broadcasting once the camera API granted them more access. Android gives that access, so let’s hope is equally optimistic about including the other half of the equation.

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