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HTC EVO 4G update removes 30FPS cap and fixes other bugs

September 22, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

HTC, Sprint


Remember when I questioned whether people really care about a 30FPS cap on the HTC EVO? Though I didn’t care and expressed doubts that most people would, the people have spoken and they don’t want a cap on their video and gaming.

HTC and Sprint may have heard you, too. Despite HTC originally saying that the HTC EVO 30FPS cap was hardware based and could not be changed via firmware upgrade, a new update for the EVO promises to do just that. AndroidCentral received a tip about updates for the Hero that promise to fix dialer sluggishness and GPS issues, and below that comes word that the 30FPS cap will be removed.

I’m a little confused by it all, but but it appears as though spec-hungry EVO users may finally get their wish. The internal email from Sprint doesn’t reveal what the new cap will be or how this will affect performance. The update, A9292 3.29.651.5, also addresses problems with calendar events, Gmail account syncs, and GPS reboot. The update is said to be available now to select users.

Press Menu > Settings > System Updates > HTC Software update and select “Check now” to see if your phone can get the update. You may get a message that “There are no updates available for your phone,” so just wait over the next couple of weeks until a notification appears.

Root users should not apply the update; simply wait for your ROM’s developer to integrate it into the next version.