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HTC Desire in Europe gets OTA firmware update

September 9, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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HTC has just released a firmware update with version number 2.10.405.2 for some European HTC Desires, and it is obtainable OTA (over-the-air). Those eligible for the upgrade should be notified automatically before long, and if you can’t wait for your Android to work its magic you can always head to Settings > About phone > System software updates and press the ‘Check now’ button.

We have yet to actually confirm in which exact regions this firmware update is available, but all points to that unlocked HTC Desires in Europe should be able to download it, and that branded devices soon will get it too.

The firmware upgrade is 25 MB and includes:

  • Android OS update patch
  • Enhanced multi inbox Gmail support
  • Improved RUS keyboard layout

For those who have managed to install the new firmware version: do you notice any specific changes, and in what country do you live in?

Via [Swedroid]