How to get a shorter list of widgets (root only)

September 14, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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How to get a shorter and cleaner list of widgets (root only)

A strongpoint of HTC’s widgets is that no unnecessary entries are created in the widget list since you simply pick the widget you want to add and then get to choose from the various available styles. But as we all know, most widgets that come in more than one size create a separate entry for each of its sizes, instead of letting you select the size once you tap on the widget’s icon.

Having widgets with more than one entry makes the list longer and harder to overlook. When you’re about to add a widget to your homescreen, you don’t want to  scroll through an unnecessarily long list to find the one you want, right?

The Android system could have fixed this by grouping widgets that have multiple entries, but alas, it doesn’t. A member at the xda-developers called boombuler got tired of this shortcoming and decided to do something about it. He has written a utility that replaces the stock AppWidgetPicker app, and it groups widgets by packages. So if you have a widget that has 6 different sizes, there is just one entry in the list and when you tap it you can choose the size from a second screen.


To get this little bad boy running you need root access because of permission restrictions. To install the app, simply copy the .apk to the /system/app folder on your internal storage, and that should be it. The new and improved AppWidgetPicker.apk can be downloaded from this thread at the xda-developers forum.