Guns n’ Glory shoots up the Wild West [Game Reviews]

September 2, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Guns n’ Glory is a tower defense game that requires adaptive strategy as well as shooting. Players control bandits who kill settlers on foot, horseback, in wagons, and in gold-carrying trailers. Some bandits are more effective at stopping certain types of settlers, so finding the right balance is important since letting too many travelers escape will attract the law.

In addition to being one of the rare tower defense games where players assume the role of the bad guys, Guns n Glory also has the benefit of not having stationary towers. Bandits are set up along various points of each map and often must be moved in order to keep pace with the waves of settlers. There are three types of bandits – gun wielding cowboys, dynamite-throwing Mexicans, and arrow-shooting Indians (the dialogue is kind of stereotypically offensive, by the way). As the game progresses, players can also acquire cannons, train-mounted machine guns, and upgrades for better attacks.

I like Guns n’ Glory for its fun style of gameplay but it is somewhat limited because the game persistently force closes on some phones (an update released today should address most errors). However, Guns n’ Glory still lacks the ability to easily move through large maps or set varying degrees of difficulty. Thankfully, the makers promise updates that will include new maps, so gameplay is less likely to become stale. Download the free version of Guns n’ Glory and put it through the ringer for a day or two. Then purchase the ad-free version for 2.99 Euro if it you like it.

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  • Relatively unique tower defense game
  • Fun style of play


  • Lacks difficulty settings for each level
  • Moving across maps sometimes problematic

App: Guns n’ Glory

Price: Free w/ Ads, €2.99 ad-free