Google TV could possibly make its way to future Samsung HDTVs

September 7, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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After the big AppleTV announcement last week we Google fanboys are left wondering just when and what Google is going to do with their Google TV plans. According to Bloomberg, Samsung may be including Google TV in their future HDTV offerings. If this is the case, it could give Google TV the boost that it needs to make it in the mainstream.

As it stands now, Sony is the current launch partner for Google TV and because of that we should see some Sony Google TVs around the holiday season. There has been no real launch date on anything Google TV from Google, Sony, or even Logitech, but according to all of the companies involved “it’s coming”. So, if these rumors are correct about Samsung we may not see any Samsung / Google TVs until late this year or even early next year because they are not an official launch partner. But, we have seen Google butcher product launches before so it wouldn’t be surprising if Samsung slipped into the mix somehow and even decided to fragment Google TV before it has even launched. Talk about some open source action.

Personally, I am not very interested in purchasing a HDTV with Google TV included as it will probably bring the price up. I would much rather purchase a Google TV box and hook it up to my current television, or even wait for Google to release the source and build my own. But that is just the geek inside of me.

Anyone looking forward to integrated Samsung / Google TVs or would you much rather prefer a Logitech box?

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