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Google releases a series of videos that illustrate the power of Voice Search

September 15, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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Google Voice Search

Google’s Voice Search is a powerful tool, but it can be somewhat difficult to know how to best take advantage of its functionality. Even though Google has excellent tutorials for both voice search and voice actions, the company wants to further promote speech-to-text with a series of videos that show a variety of situations when Voice Search may come in handy.

According to the Google Mobile Blog, one in every four searches from an Android phone in the US is by voice. Google points out that voice search works much better than typing in certain situations: it’s faster on phones with small screens, you can perform a search even though you don’t know the correct spelling, it’s safer when you’re walking around and more fun and social. The two voice search videos below involve the Nexus One, and there are more clips at Google Mobile’s YouTube channel.

We recently did a tutorial for mastering search on Android, and here’s our post about Voice Actions.

Google Search by Voice: Sink

Google Search by Voice: Foosball

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