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Google Instant search coming to Android soon; UPDATE: No more testing

September 8, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Google advanced its search portfolio with a new product that provides instant results. The aptly-named Google Instant can now perform search queries without requiring users to hit the enter key. As the user types a word or phrase, Instant predicts what that person is looking for and updates its prediction with live results.

And of course, it’s coming to Android.

Instant search is currently available only on the desktop to users in the U.S. (however some international folks are getting it by logging into their Google account and visiting However, members from the search team displayed a very brief demo of how Instant works on a Droid, and then promised to deliver this feature to the mobile search page this fall.

Google Instant will save 2-5 seconds on each desktop search query, according to VP of Search Marisa Mayer. That will become even more valuable once the feature makes it way to Android. Faster results and fewer demands on changing pages will be a significant advancement in mobile search.


Scratch that. Looks like Google has already put an end to the demo page. It worked 5 minutes before I posted and stopped after publishing. Them’s the breaks.

Thanks to Neil Lund, we’re able to see what mobile looks like right now (or at least until Google shuts this down). This is still very early and somewhat slow, but you get the idea. Test it for yourself by visiting from your phone.