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Gmail with some Priority Inbox features out now for Froyo

September 21, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Google has updated the official Gmail application in the Android Market, so run on over and load it onto your Android 2.2 device. I’ll wait….

Got it, good? Here’s what’s new. For starters, there have been tweaks made to the interface. There are now buttons that provide quicker access to reply actions, behind the scenes boosts in performance, and the ability to scroll through conversations with the most important information (Starred items) pushed to the top of the messages.

Users can get some support for the Priority Inbox feature Google recently added to the desktop and mobile versions of Gmai. Tapping into the priority inbox feature, the most important messages from Gmail will be accessible from the “Important” label. If you want to jump straight to the Priority inbox, create a homescreen shortcut users can access the “Important” label with a shortcut on the home screen:

  • On the homescreen, long press on an empty space
  • Press shortcut and select “Gmail label”
  • Choose your Gmail account select “Important”
  • Rename to Priority or press Ok

Click the shortcut and now you’ve got a mobile Priority Inbox.

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