Get Priority Inbox in mobile Gmail [Android tips]

September 7, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Android Tricks


Google recently debuted Priority Inbox, a new feature that highlights emails that are more important. Priority Inbox promotes messages that are more relevant and creates an enhanced mail browsing experience. You can’t quite get the full Priority Inbox in the Android version of Gmail, but you can take advantage of these new settings.

Forbes columnist Steve Rubel points out that users can visit the Gmail Mobile website and see messages that have the priority label. This makes it ideal for people who need to browse those important messages from their phone, if only in a limited capacity. Users can visit or open the Gmail app and search for “label:important” to access Priority Inbox messages. Search “label:important is:unread” if you only want to see new messages.

I’d also advise creating a bookmark to the mobile results page. Then create a homescreen shortcut (Long press > Shortcut > Bookmark). The Gmail app doesn’t yet include the “Important” label, so you cannot create a homescreen shortcut for it.

Via Lifehacker