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Fruit Ninja sneaks up on Android. Here’s how it looks…and slices [VIDEO]

September 15, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Fruit is your enemy. A sword is your friend. You, noble young warrior, are a Fruit Ninja. The popular iPhone game has made its way to Android and is now available for slicing and dicing produce on multiple platforms.

Fruit Ninja is a game in which fruit is thrown into the air and users must use their fingers to split each fruit in two. Special points are earned for chopping rare kinds or in quick succession, and players must be careful that they don’t cut the flying bombs or let fruit hit the ground intact.

Available now for 99 cents USD, Fruit Ninja is a simple but fun game that requires focus and precise movements. It’s also the first to use OpenFeint, a gaming system that allows developers to track leaderboards and challenges across platforms (more on that later). Here’s a video of me playing the game.

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