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FlickR adds easy browser uploads in Android 2.2

September 24, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



You just took that great photo on your phone, maybe even threw a couple of PicSay or Vignette effects on it. You’d love to easily upload it to Flickr, but unless you have an HTC Sense phone or have the feature built in, that’s not an easy proposition.

Flickr has decided to make the process easier by enabling web-based uploads through its website. Android phones with version 2.2 or higher can use the optimized website and post photos from the phone to Flickr just pressing a few buttons.

Users still on Android 2.1 or lower can still use the tried-and-true method of uploading via sending to email. Send a message to a designated email address with the subject line reflecting the title you apply to the image and it will post to your gallery (get set-up info here). It’s not the most intuitive method for sharing images, but this is the best you can hope for until flickr decides to deliver an official Android app.

[flickr via Phandroid]