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FarmVille creators Zynga searching for Android developers

September 22, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Zynga has already commandeered Facebook. Zynga has already made iOS users even less productive. Now, Zynga has its eyes on destroying the sanctity of time-wasting on Android.

Zynga is currently hiring Software Engineers for its San Francisco offices. The new hire would focus on Android development, which all but assures that an Android version of Zynga’s games, including the obscenely-popular Farmville, are in the works.

According to the job listing, developers with experience working with Facebook and other mobile platforms will have the advantage. It’s likely that popular games will be among the first wave of Android offerings from Zynga based on this portion of the job posting:

“You’ll be responsible for owning the development and architecture of both our up-and-coming as well as existing current hits. Are you ready to put your ideas into games that will be played instantly by millions?”

The iPhone edition of Farmville, Zynga’s flagship product, has proven very popular. I’d imagine that Farmville would be the first Android-based game from Zynga provided that it is fit to release, but other titles like Frontier Ville and Mafia Wars could make their way to Android.

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