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DROID X Froyo update plagued with audio problems?

September 24, 2010 | by Chris Smith

Motorola, Verizon


This week we have seen a bunch of small and large updates for current Android phones. One of the big ones was the Froyo update on the DROID X this week. Instead of the usual slow roll-out that Verizon has taken before with their Android udpates, they decided to push the update out to all DROID X users within a matter of days. And, without much more conversation, we know what tends to happen when you update something quickly – bugs.

According to some forums members, bloggers, and even people that I have talked to, there seems to be some weird audio issues with the DROID X including audio cutting out and audio not playing at all in most apps. It seems that some people don’t have these problems, but the DROID X that I have been testing can’t play MP3s, stream audio from any application, or even access Google Voice voicemails. Some users have reported that doing a complete data reset did the job, but as of now we cannot confirm if that fixes the problem.

Verizon is supposedly looking into the issue but there has been no word of if and when an update will be made available. So, are there any other DROID X users out their suffering from this update or is your X good as gold?

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