BuzzVoice reads articles; it’s “Pandora for news” [App Reviews]

September 13, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Did you hear the news? Of course you did if you’re using BuzzVoice, an Android app the speaks the news. BuzzVoice takes the news of the day and has a custom voice engine read the story aloud. Users can stay up to date with their favorite sites, including, even if they are unable to read at the moment.

BuzzVoice ($4.99) is billed as “Pandora for news” because it gives users the opportunity to select what stories are read. Someone can search for a topic and then select stories to put in a playlist, or listen to curated stories based on a topic (Android, Celebrity, Sports, Politics, etc.). Then BuzzVoice will read the text aloud in case you’re working out or driving. The custom text-to-speech voices can be somewhat choppy but it’s better than the default TTS library for Android.

There are more than 1,600 blogs and news sources available in BuzzVoice, so all your favorite tech news sources are available. The app can have trouble playing audio files when on a weak connection, so that could prove problematic if attempting to listen on the go (depending on your local network performance).


  • Hear news from 1,600 sources
  • Listen according to playlist, channel, category, or search topic
  • Hear popular stories according to trending topic


  • Audio can fail to play on weak connections (experience will vary based on your network)
  • Costs an additional $3.99 per month to get 100 feeds, remove ads, extend Buzzcast, and select voice

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