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Android Apps Alert #34: Twitters and Tubes

September 26, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



How many apps are in the Android Market? More than 80,000 according to figures recently provided by Google. How many of those apps can actually fit on your Android device? Far less than 80,000.

Android Apps Alert is a weekly feature of that highlights the latest and greatest apps to hit the Android Market. Based on user recommendations with the #androidapps tag on Twitter, we help find new titles worth downloading. This week’s edition is entitled “Twitters and Tubes” based on apps that connect you to Twitter or YouTube, and apps that secure or super-size your information.

ConnectIn ($0.99)

Google wants to be more enterprise-friendly, but its Contacts app is missing the business-happy LinkedIn networks. That’s far more enterprise-oriented than Twitter or Facebook, so it’s good to see that somebody has made the effort to merge LinkedIn with Android. ConnectIn pulls-in contact information from LinkedIn connections and makes it possible to see phone numbers, photos, and status updates. We may see Google wise up and include this in future updates, but if you don’t want to take the chance and wait, pony up a buck. More info available here.

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Hide It Pro

The icon may say Audio Manager, but this app isn’t managing audio. Hide It Pro is an Android app that puts an extra layer of privacy on photos and videos that you want to keep away from prying eyes. The app disguises itself as an Audio Manager but actually serves as a hidden locker for photos and images in a password-protected folder. Images can be hidden via the Gallery app, giving users the chance to block others from accessing their files.

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Twidroyd Pro ($3.99)

Remember how different things were when the only legitimate Android Twitter app was Twidroyd? Before the Seesmics, Twiccas, and the like provided some competition and an official app from Twitter became an option? Capture some of that old-time joy with the recent update that adds previews to links, photos, and videos when switching to landscape mode. This new display may not please all, but it’s definitely a big shake-up that should be tested.

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Full Screen Caller ID

If you’ve ever wanted to have your Android phone display a full-screen photo rather than the standard thumbnail, here’s your chance. The self-explaining Full Screen Caller ID app displays contact photos from Google, Facebook, or stored images. Now photos will take up more space when getting incoming calls or missed call notifications.

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There’s plenty of content on YouTube that users may want to download, and TubeMusic facilitates that. All of the great videos available on YouTube, including my personal obsession with Auto-Tune the News, can be had in various formats. MP4, M4A, and MP3 files can be downloaded for offline use or as a ringtone.



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