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According to Google, Android is not meant for tablets in its current state

September 9, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Well, it’s post-IFA and if you aren’t tablet drunk, especially Android tablet drunk then you must have one heck of a high tolerance. We got a chance to see some of the latest tablets and even some that are actually coming to market. But according to Google, Android is still not meant for tablets, at least in its current state.

We have heard rumors of what the next versions of Android (Gingerbread and Honeycomb) may or may not be about, but it seems pretty likely that they will have some sort of tablet-centric goodness in mind. Google says that tablet devices running FroYo will not be able to access the current Android Market and that they “want to make sure that [they're] going to create a application distribution mechanism for the Android market, to ensure [their] users have right experience.” Basically, if Google doesn’t think that your current Android tablet “has what it takes”, then no Market for you.

In my opinion this makes sense; Android really is an OS made for mobile phones in mind and a tablet device should have some special attention paid to the OS that it is running, even if it is just little touches like Apple has made to iOS for the iPad. Although the changes are subtle, they really do help support the larger devices’ screen. For example, think of how ridiculous the music app in Android would look all stretched out. A huge list view with huge song names that is cludgy and ugly. Google needs the chance to customize some of the experience of native applications as well as provide developers with new tools to take advantage of the larger screen sizes.

Yes, I think that a tablet all spec’d out running FroYo would be good, but I do believe that with some added “tablet-centric” enhancements and baked in openness, Google may be able to create something that may be more compelling than the current kingpin, iPad.

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