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14 Great Android Live Wallpapers

September 7, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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3D FireFlies Live Wallpaper 4:28 – 4:50

Swirls of colors cross path to make for a beautiful image in FireFlies livewallpaper. A rainbow of colors streak across screen, and the upgraded version allows users to change the length, width, and opacity of those streaks.

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City At Night Live Wallpaper (4:51 – 5:21)

I’ve always loved the way that movies show fast-paced scenes of city scapes. The skyline is bold, lights flicker, cars move in a stream of light, and the clouds gently glide along. All of those elements are present in City at Night, and each can be customized to your liking.

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Twisted Colors (5:22 – 5:45)

Hooray, more colors! With Twisted Colors, tadpole-like creatures swim across the screen and then disappear, making way for a new set of colors to appear. There are four options for color schemes.

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PanoPlanet ($1.44)

PanoPlanet takes panoramic images and makes them exciting to twist and turn into something cool. You’ll have to get panoramic images on your own, but once you’ve got them, you’ll have a live wallpaper that follows your movements. Panorama-rama is very entertaining.

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Note, Android 2.1 or higher is required to run an Android Live Wallpaper. Some phones may experience unique problems based on hardware issues. Download and attempt to install by following these steps:

Press Menu > Wallpaper
Press Live wallpapers
Scroll through to your desired wallpaper
Change settings (when available)
Tap “Set wallpaper”

Non-Android Market BONUS

Mario Live Wallpaper

Mario Live might be named the greatest Live Wallpaper of all time if you get a group of geeks together in one room. This will turn your wallpaper into random portions of the classic 8-bit game, allowing Mario to jump, smash, and fly through your screen. This is very resource intensive but it’s absolutely worth it. The app is not available in the Android Market, but you can download it from XDA.

Get the APK from this thread and then read our tutorial how to install it.

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