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14 Great Android Live Wallpapers

September 7, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android Live Wallpapers eat up battery life and typically don’t do anything besides make your Android phone look a little prettier. So why bother with a live wallpaper at all? Because they’re so darn cool!

Live Wallpapers are only available on devices running Android 2.1 or higher, and are only seen for short periods of time. But the eye-popping designs and animations of the best live wallpapers make that viewing experience, however brief, well worth it.

And what are the best live wallpapers? That’s tough to say because things change so rapidly. Many of the Android live wallpapers in our previous list of top picks are no longer available, so we decided to provide a quick refresh. Here’s a video showcasing some of the best live wallpapers that Android has to offer, with descriptions and links to the Android Market below. (All apps use the same video. Press play and it will fast forward to the demonstration for that particular app.)

PhotoWall Live Wallpaper (0:00 – 33)

It’s easy to set a photo of a loved one as your Android wallpaper, but why settle for one? PhotoWall creates collages based on photos stored on an Android phone, Facebook, or Picasa. The photos can be displayed as Polaroids, Faded, Puzzles, or Wall (grid) and animated at different speeds or with different effects. An upgrade is required to unlock all features.

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Google I/O 2011 Live Wallpaper (0:34 – 0:56)

Google I/O 2011 had a great animation on-screen that everyone wanted for their Android Live Wallpaper. Done and done. This shows the Android logo sky-rocketing into space and breaking apart atoms and stars. Also check out the very-similar Jumpgate live wallpaper that easily could have been on this list.

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Blue Range Live Wallpaper (0:57 – 1:24)

The Astonishing Tribe created a trio Android live wallpapers before it was acquired by RIM, and Blue Range is the star of that group. This interactive wallpaper shows mountains, animals, and a river that respond to the touch. Tapping a bee turns on vibrate, a bird falls out of the sky, and a bear jumps when touched. It’s easily one of my favorites.

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