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Yes, Best Buy is making an Android tablet

August 9, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Last Friday, Best Buy CTO Ralph Stephens tweeted the image of a tablet with Best Buy’s “Rocketfish” branding. CrunchGear remarked how it looked a lot like the HP Slate, and a few readers have asked if I think the tablet would be a Windows device like the Slate was slated to run, or possibly Android.

Android all the way.

Ben Hedrington, a web strategist for Best Buy, tweeted a link in response to that story revealing that we should “be looking for a little green robot on that Best Buy tablet screen… :) #Android” which is pretty much all the proof you need.

Hedrington also posted a link showing that Best Buy employees have been exchanging ideas on a company-produced tablet since February. Though several people saw it as a communication tool for employees, others pitched this as a consumer device. The status of idea was updated to “coming soon” last month, and Hedrington later tweeted that the tablet is designed for consumers and in-store use.

An official BestBuy tablet makes sense since the retailer is launching its own 4G mobile data service called Best Buy Connect (side note: one BB employee actually pitched the tablet as the “Best Buy Connect”). It’s not a bad idea to have a powerful device ready to run on that new service in conjuction with Clearwire, Sprint’s WiMax partner.

Image via Crunchgear