Tumblr for Android microblogs directly from your phone [App Reviews]

August 17, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Sometimes a blog is too much and a tweet is not enough. Tumblr exists as the middle-ground of blogging; long form if you choose, but ideal for short blips and shared content that doesn’t necessarily fit within Twitter’s 140-character limits.

The official Tumblr app has landed in the Android Market for users who want to blog on the go, and it’s surprisingly intuitive. Tumblr readies sharing for text, photo, quotes, links, audio files, and video. If you spot something crazy on the street, post it to your blog instantly with the built-in features. That could mean uploading a photo of images stored on your SD card or recording a video as it happens and then posting it directly from the app.

Tumblr requires Android 2.1 or higher. It includes a Dashboard to view, edit, and delete your posts. It can also display the blogs from other Tumblr users, like or reblog entries, and view comments/likes. I’ve had a personal tumblr account for a few months but rarely ever used it. But now that I’ve got a domain I’m not using and a very enjoyable app, I might start tumbling more often.

•  Post microblogs with text, photo, quotes, links, chat, audio, or video to tumblr
•  View Dashboard to manage entries or read others’ content
•  Record video or photo directly within the app

App: Tumblr
Price: Free

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