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The Moto XT300 gets some more shots — this time with video and in focus!

August 30, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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DROID mini slider gets on cam again

You may or may not remember a month ago when we first caught wind of the Motorola “mini DROID slider” in all its blurry-cam glory. Well, today we got some new pics and even a decent video showing the desirable mini portrait slider.

The device has a Palm Pre look to it with a nice looking slide-out QWERTY portrait keyboard. The screen is noticeably smaller than any of the other DROID line phones on the market and it is unmistakably running a version of Moto Blur. In the short video the XT300 definitely looks responsive but I would be willing to bet that this is an “entry-level” phone meaning that the processor is lacking in speed. I hope that Moto proves me wrong on this but having a slower processor in a phone like this would follow suit with the industry.

Nonetheless, there is some speculation that this will eventually be hitting Verizon Wireless as the older shots have the infamous red “DROID Eye” at boot up. But it is still to early in the game to make any real assumptions. If this phone hits Verizon and it has a decent processor (greater or equal to 1Ghz) I think it will do well. The Android phone market needs this sort of form factor and maybe Moto will be the one to deliver.

Via [Engadget]

DROID mini slider gets on cam again