Sky Raider 2.2 (Vanilla) is a stable, “Senseless” ROM for HTC Incredible [ROM Reviews]

August 10, 2010 | by Chris Smith



So, you have a newly rooted DROID Incredible with the help of the new unrEVOked tool and you want to know what’s next? Over at the Incredible forums at you can get your hands on some pretty decent ROMs and load them up till your heart’s delight. Today we are going to take a look at one of the more popular ROMs; Sky Raider 2.2 (Vanilla).

There are two versions of Sky Raider available in ROM Manager and on the xda-developer forums; Sense or “Vanilla”. The term “Vanilla” is a tad bit misleading really. This ROM is based off of the latest leaked Android 2.2 Incredible ROM with many different apps and services removed (think HTC Sense and a bunch of other things that are “not needed”). All-in-all the ROM is rather lightweight and is quite responsive. Most of the problems that were plaguing the initial leak of Android 2.2 have been cleaned up and has proven to be a reliable and stable ROM.

The Android 2.2 default launcher is included with Sky Raider 2.2 Vanilla, but like most “power users” they may want to replace it with something more robust like LauncherPro (yes, I am a fanboy). The default launcher works well, don’t get me wrong, but once you go LauncherPro you can never go back.

Some of the apps that are included are the new HTC Flashlight app, App Sharing, 3G Mobile Hotspot (this does include a subscription from Verizon), Chrome To Phone, the new Google Search, Hulu, Places, Google News and Weather, and of course Superuser Permissions for your root privilege goodness. Something that was a annoying was that Hulu was installed but Flash 10.1 wasn’t. Thinking that I could go to the Market and download it yielded the dreaded, “the requested item could not be found” message. I had to go through the xda forums to get myself the proper APK file. I don’t know if the developer had good reasons for not including Flash 10.1, but either way it’s annoying.

Getting back to the misleading naming of the ROM; this isn’t exactly a “vanilla” Android ROM. It is the Incredible Stock Android ROM with most all of Sense taken away. SkyRaider even goes as far as removing HTC SMS/MMS app and replaces it with the stock Android app. Many times when ROM developers take things out, especially that are tied into Sense, there tends to be some permission and force close problems. I have to say that SkyRaider’s developer has done a good job from keep this from happening.

If you want a ROM with the advantages of Android 2.2, without Sense UI (or at least most of it), with the latest stable leaked version for the Incredible, I have to say that SkyRaider 2.2 (Vanilla) is the best that I have tried so far.


  • Latest leaked version of Android 2.2 for HTC Incredible
  • Sense UI Mostly removed
  • Very stable
  • Good amount of new applications included, without too many in the base ROM
  • Many apps can be added through the “goodies” package in ROM Manager


  • Hulu included without Flash 10.1 (Can’t use the market to obtain it. You have to “sideload” the application)
  • Auto brightness doesn’t always work correctly; turning the display on and off usually fixes this

ROM: SkyRaider 2.2 (Vanilla)

DEVICE: Rooted HTC Incredible