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Samsung sells 800,000 Samsung Galaxy S phones in South Korea

August 18, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung has reached another milestone in its home market, crossing the 800,000 units sold mark in South Korea.

The Samsung Galaxy S previously sold 300,000 units as of July, and that number has more than doubled since then. It took only 55 days for the Galaxy S to sell that many units, averaging about 14,545 sales per day.

South Korea has about 50 million people, which is much smaller than the United States’ 310 million population count. However, Korea has one of the most advanced and competitive mobile device markets in the world. The Galaxy S selling this well in Korea must be pleasing to Samsung, especially doing it in their own backyard.

At the end of Q3, we’ll learn how well the Galaxy S has done in other markets like the United Kingdom and United States.