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Samsung Galaxy Tab (kind of) spotted in the wild

August 23, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



The Samsung Galaxy Tab is one name on a long list of Android tablets that we hear about endlessly but never really get any closer to seeing in action. Now we, kind of, get a look at the Galaxy Tab. While it’s not the hands-on that I’m sure you’d love to see, we do get a quick look at the tilted, over the shoulder eavesdropping of the Galaxy Tab.

A writer for tech website Electronista was on an unassuming train ride in Sydney, Australia when he spotted a curious device being used by a “telco worker.” After sneaking a few peeks and asking a few questions, he was able to pin down that it’s a Samsung device that can be held in one hand and has a “very responsive UI” that he believes “matches up with the official description” of the Galaxy Tab.

The video is available at Electronista and really doesn’t reveal much about the device or even show it clearly. However, the (alleged) use of the Galaxy Tab makes it seem closer to launch than expected.