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Rumor: Sony making an Android/PlayStation mash-up

August 11, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


PlayStation on Android

The third-party PlayStation emulator is great, but wouldn’t it be great if we got an official device from Sony? That’s exactly what you might get according to a rumor – I repeat, a rumor – from Engadget today.

A source tells Engadget that Sony is working on a product that would be part phone and part gaming superdevice. It would feature a slide-out control pad with buttons and a D-pad for an optimized gaming device. The proposed phone would include a 4.1-inch WVGA touchscreen, 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, and Android 3.0. The device would have the Xperia branding, meaning it could come with the UX platform seen on the X10.

Read the full story at Engadget and then come back and tell me if you’re scratching your head as much as I am. Is this a good idea or am I still weary from my N-GAGE hangover?

I’d like to “Step My Game Up” as the little kid from those PSP commercials keeps telling me to do, but I’m not carrying around anymore devices. Perhaps this could be the product to bridge the gap between great phone and greater gaming machine.

I’m satisfied with my phone as a gaming device, especially since this proposed Sony PSPhone (unofficial name, of course) has the same specs as the hardware I’m already running. If Sony wants to make some better mobile games, I’m all for it, but I doubt I’d upgrade.