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Rumor: HTC Glacier bringing fast Android phone to T-Mobile USA

August 4, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

HTC, T-Mobile


We skip most recent Project Emerald rumors because the whole thing is confusing. But this latest rumor – whether it’s Emerald or not – is eyebrow-raising.

AlienBabelTech has uncovered a benchmark test showing a device codenamed the HTC Glacier reaching speeds that far outpace anything we have seen from an HTC device. It’s so fast that ABT believes it must be running the upcoming dual-core Qualcomm processor, which would explain why the Glacier is so much faster than the HTC EVO in benchmark testing. However, I must point out that the Samsung Vibrant has a similar score to the Glacier (1,432 frames) with just one core, so maybe Qualcomm has a new single-core chip that performs better. Either way, it’s much faster than the current Snapdragon in the EVO that scores 516 frames.

The fun part for you T-Mobile USA lovers is that the person performing the benchmarks is mbibik, a user who has tested nothing but T-Mobile products. The Nexus One, myTouch Slide, and now the Glacier appear in his history. Fueling the fire is a Mike Bibik LinkedIn page revealing that he cashes checks from T-Mobile as a Senior Interaction Designer.

The Glacier is an Android device with an 800×480 resolution. If this device is as fast as we think it will be and takes advantage of the full HSPA+ download speeds, HTC will have another phone too popular to keep in stock.