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Remember the Milk MIGHT make Android app free

August 27, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Task and time management service Remember the Milk just made its iPhone application free. While the Remember the Milk mobile app previously required a $25 annual fee for a Pro account, RTM is now free with some limited functionality (users can sync manually only once a day and don’t get push notifications).

Why can’t Android users get in on that deal? Well, they just might. In response to a user’s question about Android being able to use the app for free, RTM support team member Andrew Conkling replied that it was under consideration. But before the company extends the same deal to Android, it first needs to see how the change affects sales among iPhone users.

Remember the Milk believes opening up the iPhone app will expose the service to more people, who may decide to upgrade. A Pro account will still be required to have unlimited auto-syncing, Smart auto-sync, and push notification.  If this proves to be a good business strategy for RTM, we could see the Android version adopt a similar model.

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