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Official marketing poster for R2D2 DROID2 posted by Verizon

August 14, 2010 | by Chris Smith



We have seen some of the blurrier pics and leaks of just what the R2-D2 edition of the DROID2 would look like. But today, VZWOffers posted an “official” image of the rear of the phone on the marketing poster. And the best part is that it’s right next to the little guy, er, droid.

The picture was taken at the Star Wars Celebration V Event that is going on in Orlando right now. The authentic replica of R2 was posed to match the angle of the poster to show off the likenesses. It is definitely some geeky stuff, but if you are a Star Wars fan or just a fan of “geek sheik” then this may be the device for you.

Something else that VZWOffers updated for us today was the official teaser site for the R2 DROID2. It’s in the same fashion as all the other DROID-line phones before it, but with a silhouette of R2D2. Something that is of interest is that the site states “Original Artwork” and “Exclusive Video”, so we may not only be getting the R2 outside; we may see some extra content or themes on the device. Also, you can signup for email updates of the special edition R2-D2 DROID2.

So, is there anyone out there waiting for the R2-D2 DROID2? Or are you going to settle with the low-key, original version?

Via [Phandroid, VZWOffers]