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Notion Ink Adam gets some pricing info and release date — kind of

August 23, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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I love me some tablet. Yes, we have heard nothing but the amazing things that the Notion Ink Adam will do to our lives. The problem is that we have only heard what this tablet will do. Well, according to Notion Ink, the Adam should be here before we know it and at a pretty reasonable price.

There will be an LCD Version and a Pixel QI version for the display. Then within those sub-categories you can choose from a WiFi only version or a 3G + WiFi version. Here’s the breakdown:

  • LCD Display: $399 WiFi only, $499 3G version
  • Pixel QI Display: $449 WiFi only, $498 3G version

If you don’t remember some of the stats on this device it is a 10.1 inch device with Tegra 2 architecture. Also the Adam will include USB ports and some extra goodies for those that think the now market leader is lacking. Oh, and of course it will be running Android.

Notion Ink also commented on the time frame of the release of the device saying that it’s in the hands of the FCC. Depending on when the FCC clears the device we could see this thing at the of the year or very early next year (around CES). I am personally not going to hold my breath on this. It’s interesting that they are “passing the buck” to the FCC considering they have pushed back the release of the device themselves for so long. The problem with this is that releasing a device an entire year after the iPad was released will prove to be a game of catch up. Hopefully when the Adam is released it is near perfection. If not, we might just be looking at another Crunchpad, er, joojoo.

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