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Nexus One dev phone stock already depleted; how many developers are there?

August 20, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Google announced that it would stop selling the Nexus One directly, then revealed that it would continue to make the device available as a dev phone for people interested in building Android apps. It was a smart move, as the Nexus One is the only next generation device running stock Android, and still a favorite among many Android fans.

It seems the move was a little too smart since Google has already run out of supply for the Nexus One. Developer advocate Tim Bray has revealed that Google “blew through the (substantial initial inventory in almost no time, and they’re back-ordered from HTC.”

This makes me wonder just how many people are actively developing for Android. Back at Google I/O in May, Google claimed there were 180,000 registered developers working on 50,000 apps. Android device sales have more than doubled since then and the total number of apps increased by 50 percent. That number must have climbed by now.

Plus it wouldn’t surprise me if a few latecomer consumers registered as developers just so they could purchase a Nexus One. Nah, you guys wouldn’t do something that dishonest, would you?